Muay Thai Myths

Muay Thai Myths

Muay Thai was first created for the battlefield and later became associated with the underworld. But these days it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to keep fit. As a new trendy martial arts option in the US, there are still a few myths or misconceptions around Muay Training. We hope this blog article will help clear up any misconceptions you may have about training Muay Thai.

Muay Thai History

The sport has not always had a positive image. For a long time it was associated with the criminal underbelly. Muay Thai was starting to gain traction as a legitimate form of exercise in the beginning of the 21 century. Becoming a fixture at some of the high-end conventional academies.

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Muay Thai Myths & Misconceptions

Muay Thai is all about aggressive fighting

This is a false statement. It is a shame that some consider there is only one need for the weapons of Muay Thai, and that is to use them for self defense or to fight competitively. However there are major health and psychological benefits to be gained from the Art of Muay Thai. There is no need to fight or compete, as you can simply reap the same benefits as all Nak Muay from the workouts and effective techniques that are used during the training sessions.

Muay Thai can give you cancer of the shin

This is false and although the continued improper bruising and damaging of the shin may in the long term cause cancer, correct training methods and proper conditioning will reduce or eliminate this myth completely. One thing that we can not be certain of is the future of one’s body, as there are far to many possibilities, such as contagious and hereditary diseases, however we can reduce the risk of any additional reversible damage to the body by training safely!

Muay Thai Myths: Can Give you Cancer of the Shin

Muay Thai Myths: Women Can't Train Muay Thai
You have to be fit to start Muay Thai

Again, another false statement, as anyone can practice the art of Muay Thai no matter what their fitness levels are. It does help to be healthy, but better levels of fitness will come with consistent training.

Muay Thai Fighters are super humans

True and false at the same time. Due to the requirements to become proficient in the ring sport of Muay Thai, you’d have to undergo a very rigorous training schedule and lifestyle. Top athletes competing in Muay Thai will train up to eight hours a day, six times a week and be very conscious of their diets, sleeping patterns an their surrounding environment. But just like any other martial arts, you can enjoy the benefits of the exercise without the need of training professionally.

Muay Thai Myths: Fighters are Super humans


Women Cannot Train Muay Thai

Lately, we have seen that, especially among female celebrities, Muay Thai had become a trendy type of martial arts. And it does make sense! Women are wanting to learn the Art of Muay Thai for fitness, self defense and to compete in the ring. This is a great clarification against the strong myth that women cannot train muay thai. Several Brazilian celebrities had publicly embrace Muay Thai: Larissa Dias, Caroline Figuereido, Deborah Secco, Caroline Dickman, Samara Felippo among other big names.

Muay Thai Classes for Beginners

We hope that by answering some of these myths about Muay Thai will help dispel the fears of some, and make Muay Thai more accessible to many others.

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